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Slackline Maxicabos 15 Meters

Slackline is a balance sport on a ribbon stretched between two fixed points, which allows the practitioner to walk and do maneuvers on top. Some variations of Slackline include "Waterline" (Slackline over water) and "Highline" (Slackline at great heights, such as mountains and bridges). There are also "Trickline" (Slackline only for maneuvering) and "Longline" (Slackline for long distance, usually over 40 meters), among other variations.

Slackline is a sport that emerged in the 1980s in the United States. After many years, he came to Brazil and won the hearts of people who want to work body and mind, but always with a lot of fun. This activity still provides several health benefits, such as muscle development, balance and increased concentration. This product has the capacity to resist 3 tons and is made with polyester ribbons, which will withstand even the strongest impacts of its performance.

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Product Details

  • Material:High tenacity polyester ribbons
  • Product Dimensions: Tape 15 meters x 50 mm and ratchet tape of 1,50 mx 50 mm
  • Capacity: 3 tons
  • Approximate weight: 2.38 Kg
  • Warranty: Against manufacturing defects

  • Merely illustrative videos obtained on youtube

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